Is your iPad's screen too bright in the dark?  Use a Dimmy!
The smart way to:
  • Dim your iPad screen at night.
  • Enjoy healthier pre-sleep habits.
  • Avoid disturbing your partner in bed.
  • Discreetly read in the dark when traveling.
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Recent studies suggest that looking at an iPad's bright screen in the dark can strain and fatigue your eyes, interfere with your ability to fall asleep, and can even reduce the quality of your sleep.

Beyond the harm to your own sleep, when you use an iPad in a dark environment, its "ample" light can bother people nearby.

The dimmy is a reusable screen cover that makes it easy to dim your screen below the minimum brightness setting.

With a dimmy, you can comfortably and discreetly use your iPad in any dark environment, expanding the iPad's overall usability.

The Dimmy is a quality product that delivers on its promise. We stand behind our product with a satisfaction gaurantee.

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