Learn About iPad Brightness and How the Dimmy Helps
Articles Published by Dimmy
    Is Reading the iPad in the Dark Bad for You? Learn some of the negative consequences of using an iPad in a dark setting.
    My iPad Screen is too Bright What should you do about an iPad screen that is too bright?
    Does F.lux for iPad Exist? (Hint: yes, it does, but it requires jailbreaking)
    Can I Reduce the iPad's Brightness Below the Minimum Setting? Learn about iPad's built-in brightness adjustment options.
    Why is the iPad Screen So Bright? Why did Apple design the iPad screen to be excessively bright at night?
News and Research about iPad Screen Brightness
    Blue Light Has a Dark Side Exposure to light emitted by electronics at night is bad for you.
    Can iPad Tablet Screen Disrupt Sleep? Research suggests an increased risk of sleep disorders
    How Your iPad Could Mess With a Good Night's Sleep A Bright iPad Screen Could be the Reason You Can't Sleep
    LA Times - "Reading iPad Before Bed Can Affect Sleep" Ipad and Insomnia
    Huffington Post - Late Night iPad Reading Keeps You Up The iPad could be causing restless nights.
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