Does F.lux for the iPad Exist?

The iPad's screen is too bright to comfortably view at night, even at the lowest brightness setting. There are also negative health-effects caused by staring at an ipad in the dark such as trouble sleeping.

If you look for a program in the iOS app store to dim the iPad below the minimum setting, you'll be sorely disappointed to discover that such an application is not available.

On other devices, with screens that are too bright at night, a program called F.lux is easy to install. F.lux tints the screen to reduce eye-strain when looking at the screen of a computer or mobile device at night. A regular computer screen has a blueish hue that resembles natural day-light, which isn't particularly pleasant when staring at the screen at night.

Technically, it is possible to install F.lux on the iPad. Unfortunately, F.lux for the iPad requires jailbreaking which voids your iPad's warranty, compromises security, and makes the device inelligible for official OS updates or other support from Apple.

Instead of hacking your iPad and voiding its warranty, why not get a Dimmy? It's a great alternative to F.lux for the iPad! Unlike f.lux, the dimmy doesn't require jailbreaking your ipad. The dimmy is a reusable tinted filter that you simply apply to the iPad's screen whenever you need it. It's the safest and most effective way to dim your iPad's screen below the minimum brightness setting.

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