Is it Possible to Reduce the Ipad's Brightness Below the Minimum Setting?

iPad brightness can easily be adjusted to accomodate a variety of conditions. For outdoor use, the brightness can be set to the maximum level. For indoor use, brightness can be set to a lower level.

However, when using the iPad in the dark or at night, even the minimum brightness setting of the iPad is too bright for healthy and comfortable use.

Many ipad-owners enjoy to read on their iPads while in bed or in a dark environment where the lowest brightness level is still too high. A few programs such as Amazon's Kindle app for iPad even offer an in-app brightness adjustment to dim the screen even below the lowest setting. But as soon as those programs are closed, those brightness settings deactivate and cannot be enjoyed outside of the app.

The best way to dim your iPad's screen below the minimum setting is with a tinted iPad filter called a dimmy. A dimmy is a reusable tinted membrane that can be applied to the iPad's screen whenever the screen must be dimmed below the minimum setting. The dimmy is durable, reusable, and designed to be used regularly.

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