Why is the iPad Screen So Bright?

You might have noticed the iPad has an excessively bright screen when viewing it in a dark environment. Although the brightness setting of the iPad is adjustable, even the lowest brightness setting is uncomfortable when viewing at night or in the dark. Apple designed such an immaculate and seemingly perfect piece of hardware in the iPad - how could they get the brightness setting so wrong?

Each new generation of the iPad seems to suffer from the same design defect in the screen brightness setting. Although the 3rd generation iPad, the new iPad, and the iPad Air have slightly reduced minimum brightness settings, even their screens are brighter than is is comfortable when set to the lowest level of brightness.

The most plausible theory to explain this puzzling oversight by Apple is that the company feared if they set the minimum brightness any lower than it alread is, then the display would be virtually unviewable (or might even seem to be turned off) when viewing at the minimum brightness setting while outdoors or other bright environments. This would likely cause many customer support issues from iPad users who thought they had a defective iPad, when in reality their screens were simply set at too low of a brightness setting to be seen.

This design decision on Apple's part leaves iPad users in a quandary regarding how to comfortably read from their ipad in the evening or at night when it's dark. There are no apps to alter the brightness range of the iPad (without jailbreaking). Currently, the only way to reduce the minimum brightness of an iPad is by using a dimmy.