Frequently Asked Questions
What is a dimmy?
A dimmy is a reusable screen-cover for iPads enabling you to darken the iPad's screen beyond the minimum brightness setting. It's a great way to comfortably and discreetly use an iPad at night or other dark environments.
Can I remove the Dimmy when I don't need it?
Yes! The dimmy's durable design allows it to be removed and re-applied as often as you like.
Which iPad sizes will the dimmy fit?
The dimmy is precision-cut to perfectly fit all iPads from the first generation to the latest iPad Air, and features a cut-out for the home button. If you have an iPad mini, simply Contact Us to request a specially sized dimmy.
Does it leave a residue on the screen after removal?
No. The dimmy leaves no residue on your iPad's screen. It safely and securely clings to the iPad's screen when you need it, and easily comes off whenever you don't need it.
Does it reduce the touch sensitivity of an iPad's screen?
Not even slightly. the Dimmy is composed of a special material that conducts capacitive touch extremely well despite it's thickness and durability. Therefore, the iPad's screen is just as responsive to touch with the Dimmy applied as when touched directly.
Is there an app available to dim an iPad below the minimum setting?
No, there are no apps to dim the screen below the minimum setting across all apps. (unless you're willing to jailbreak your ipad which voids the warranty). Dimmies are a the only safe and effective way to dim your iPad screen below the minimum setting.
What's wrong with reading an iPad in the dark?
According to various recent studies, reading on a bright iPad screen at night can interfere with your ability to fall asleep and can also reduce the quality of your sleep. It can also annoy anyone who is resting nearby!

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Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes - we are so confident that you will be delighted with your dimmy that we offer a no-questions-asked 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you're not completely THRILLED with your dimmy, simply mail the dimmy back to us (to the address on our contact page) within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund!
What if my dimmy needs to be replaced?
We offer a one-time free replacement of your dimmy for the life of the product. Simply contact us, describing your issue, and we'll provide you with an address to mail your dimmy to us. Upon receiving it, we'll promptly send you a replacement.
How much is shipping and handling?
It's FREE in the United States and Canada. If you live elsewhere, please contact us for shipping fees prior to ordering.